Every owner of a website on planet Earth knows that getting a constant flow of targeted traffic is the key to making money online

Every owner of a website on planet Earth knows that getting a constant flow of targeted traffic is the key to making money online. The world wide web attracts such a massive number of buyers that regardless of what you sell, you will make some really good money when you have lots of traffic.

Internet marketers are constantly coming up with newer ways to expand their reach across the internet because no website can survive without enough targeted traffic. In their quest to obtain more of the elusive traffic the website marketers have come up with some rather creative ways to bring in greater amounts of traffic in a short period of time and with little effort.

My email inbox has been flooded with sales letters promoting some automated software or seldom used secret that promises an exlosion of website visitors within 30 days. The disturbing part of all this is that it goes against the teaching of our early years; that nothing good comes easy and there is no quick path to building a successful business. As a result of these promises of abundant website traffic and exploding sales figures, many have abandoned those time tested methods of attracting real targeted website visitors that are prepared to take some kind of action. Keep in mind that website traffic isn’t something that you can just get, but visitors will come to your website when you have something to offer attracting them to click on your link.

Too many people are cashing in on a person’s desire to get to the top without much effort by offering some really useless website marketing techniques that could actually kill their search engine rankings. The true fact is that these are nothing more than ‘Marketing Fads’ that may produce some huge results in the beginning, but when the newness wears off their effectiveness will fade away forever just like the telephone booth.

Remember when pop-ups and pop-under advertising came out a few years ago? This was the hottest marketing tool since the time of placing fliers on cars in the parking lot. But when everyone in the world started using pop-ups to promore their websites there were windows popping up everytime you visited and exited as website. Internet users worlwide got so sick of all those pop-up windows that someone invented a pop-up killer software. The search engines even started penalizing websites that were using pop-up script and soon after that method of website promotion faded away.

I will attempt to identify and explain some of these useless website promotion techniques that should be avoided at all cost. Using some of these bad website marketing techniques could certainly kill your search engine rankings

Automatic Search Engine Submission Services

These free search engine submission websites allow you to put in your url, a keywords and description of your website. You then click Submit believing that your website is on its way to being indexed on thousands of search engines. No so! First of all, the major search engines require manual submission by hand and even implement coding script to prevent auto submisson. Secondly, when you click on that Submit button you have no idea where you website link will end up going. Your website link could be automatically posted to porn or international directory websites that are nothing but colony of spam links. If Google crawls your website and find out that you have links to your website coming from other websites with rotten content, then your website will pay the price in low rankings.

There is absolutely no substitute for manually submitting your websites to the search engines directly. You will have complete control over where you link is going, and the search engines will automatically crawl your website to get your title and description.

Auto Submission to Directories and FFA sites

You may have problably seen those places that claim you can blast your website to over 2 million websites and directories. As a general rule, please stay away from anything that says the word Blast because this is just another way of saying Spam. It sounds like you are litterally placing your link on millions of other websites and getting tons of instant backlinks to your website. Those FFA or Free For All websites is nothing but a link farm containing link from sites with bad or irrelavant content. The search engines will never see your website respectable enough to rank high in the search results being affiliated with that type of environment.

Lead Generation Software

I once received an email that said,” Hello Webmaster, My name is John. I have been searching the internet for some business opportunities and came across your website. I just wanted to know if you are still in business today.

I replied to the person giving them more information about one of our websites. That particular email was forgotten until I received a few other emails with the same writing from a different names and email addresses. This matter has sparked my curiousity and prompted me to do some further investigation to find out why are these emails turning up so frequently. I discovered that this was the work of lead generation software that extracts website links and email addresses from the internet in from any catagory. You just type the keyword in the search and the software literally pulls in millions of email address. That software even allows you to mass email all those email addresses. On the surface it appears to be the perfect way to put your website link in millions of email addresses of those in the same catagory as you. This has the look and smell of spam, but because the one sending the email does not attempt to sell you anything, it’s not quite spam. This marketing technique is not very effective because the email was generic, impersonal and did not give the reader a reason to respond. Your emails should speak to the person’s needs and not just at them. The readers respond to emails because you have found a way to reach their interests, giving them a reason to take action.

Backlink Generating Software

Google loves websites that have lots of quality backlinks pointing to it because they see it as having content important enough that others will place a link to if from their website. Somebody got this crazy idea to automate the link building that Google loves, hoping they will get huge amounts of valuable links and be moved to the top of the search engine results. Google has now gotten smart and has found to way to detect how you are getting you back links and even the speed at which you are getting backlinks. So if you are still buying links or using software to get instant backlinks then Google will know of it and penalize your website. Nothing can substitute for writing valuable content that will automatically attract quality backlinks from those who want to share your valuable content with others.

Automated Article Submission and Article Spinning

Writting high quality articles is a great way to to attract targeted visitors to your website. Again, someone has invented a way to automate this process as well. They came out with article submission software that they claim will automatically submit your written articles to hundreds or even thousands of article directories. There is even a software that will take one written article, spin the title and words around and submit them to more directories. This software sells like hotcakes because people don’t want to do the labour intensive work of writing their own articles and submitting them to manually to article directories.

The real authentic article directories that can syndicate your articles are getting smart and have installed a special code that disallows auto submission of articles. They have also installed a special script that can detect articles that have been spun off from the original. Most of them manually approve articles before they are published in their directory and can easily detect duplicate and spinned contact.

Conclusion: Widespead use of these automated website marketing software has taken away the need to apply real genuine website promotion that gets real results, and replaced it a push-button marketing. You may see some quick and positive results, but only for a short period of time. Treat your website like an infant; give it lots of attention, feed it some healthy content, protect it from dangerous spam activity and let it grow naturally over time.

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