Where are the mommas at!?

So! The other day I was live on Instagram for the FIRST TIME. EKKKK.

I was nervous but I knew it was important to pop on to talk about our Mother’s Day Gift Certificate.

Here is a little recap if you missed it or you couldn’t hear me (yikes, tech issues).

This is for the moms out there. The ladies who have small children, who have grandchildren and the ladies who have fur babies.

Being a mother to small children myself, I know how easy it is to put your own needs aside to be sure your kiddos have everything they need. This certificate is going to give YOU the time and the relaxation YOU need to get back into the swing of things.

SO! Are you a momma in need of some time alone? Do you love feeling fresh with a new hair style or makeup!? Would you enjoy a massage or a facial without any interruption?

YES, YES and YES??? Ok, keep reading!

A few details…

You will purchase your gift certificate with DeaLea Photography. We will coordinate the date of your session. Once your session is scheduled you will reach out to Kalu Salon and Spa to book your spa services.

That is it! All you’ll have to do is show up to your spa services and let Kalu Salon and DeaLea Photography take it from there!

If you need some time to yourself for an hour (or three) give me a call at 716-954-3165 and we can go over all the details!!

See you soon!


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