A Few Reasons to Consider an Engagement Session.

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’re planning a wedding. Congratulations! Welcome to the wedding world of the unknown.

You have a ton of important decisions to make. You have questions, I’m sure of it!  “Why do I need engagement portraits?” Throughout the years, I have come across some pretty important reasons to schedule an engagement session. Here are a few…

Alex and Danielle’s engagement portraits, Knox Farms

Matthew and Ashley’s engagement portraits, Eden, NY.


1: Let your photographer get to know you.

Your photographer is going to be by your side the moment you start getting ready on your big day. Get to know them! They want to get to know you as well! The more you time you spend the easier it will be to be yourself on your wedding day. Think about it – you’re expected to snuggle, kiss and open up your relationship to someone. Be sure that you feel at ease with that person! Scheduling an engagement session will give you an opportunity to relax and take your time with portraits. It’s important to be comfortable in front of the camera. Your photographer will do everything they can to make both of you look as natural as possible. It helps when they can photograph you before the biggest day of your life!


2: Save the Dates.

If you have your date and venue booked a year before your wedding and you have out of town guests, save the dates are a great way to let your guests know ahead of time. This will give them the opportunity to get their plans in order. Save the dates are also a great way to inform your guests of the pre-wedding festivities! Your guests will know that they will need to plan for bachelorette/bachelor parties, your bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.

Danielle and Arrica’s engagement portraits at The Buffalo Zoo.


The time leading up to your wedding is a whirlwind! Document it. Engagement portraits provide a memory of  you two as a couple, before your marriage. Before the cake, the dancing and the vows. You are creating a timeline of your life together. You will look at these portraits in the years to come and talk about how young you look or what your life was like before the house and the kids.


4: Take a moment to breathe!

You may find yourself realizing that your conversations together are all wedding talk. Give yourselves an evening of relaxation. Have your portraits taken and run off to a date night. I promise you will appreciate the night and remember it forever.





For these reasons, DeaLea Photography offers an engagement portrait session with any wedding scheduled. If you are looking for a photographer, DeaLea is here for you. We are here to make your wedding day and the days leading up to it as stress free as they can be.

Contact us to schedule a one-on-one bridal consult. Let’s get to know each other.


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